About Me

I am Rone Valles Guerrero and I rule planet Mothering Earthlings.

I bask in the unconventional, the crazy and the out of this world side of parenting. I am all for having fun and living outside the box, basically I am a frustrated hippie. My husband, Paco, is a photographer and ours was a whirlwind even if we met at my second birthday part. Technically. Well, it’s a complicated story. On this blog there will be no how-to posts other than how to make a margarita or how to get your sons to leave the friggin toilet seat down. There will be no contrived images of perfection, we are a family that embraces our flaws and imperfections. Also because I take lousy photographs.

I have been a professional shopper and shop girl for the most part.  In 2011 I traded in the Natoris and Armanis for cloth diapers, onesies, baby carriers and all things for babies and kids.  At the Mothering Earthlings shop I bring you the coolest Filipino brands and design.

There are two earthlings that rock my world – Gael who was born in 2005 and Aiden who is 20 months younger.