I am a sleep nazi and the bedtime of the earthlings is just about the only thing that is sacred in Casa Guerrero.  For their first year of life we never went home past 7 pm and they rarely ever missed a nap from birth to three.  Go ahead and snicker but the boys slept in their own cribs, in their own rooms at 3 months old and they slept through the night at 6 months old.  Let’s see who’ll be snickering when your 3 year old wakes up at 3 am tonight!  On weekends and holidays they try to stay up as late as they can and think they are coolest kids on earth.

When Paco and I go out on a date they boys are royally pissed they can’t come along. When we go to a party they are shocked anyone would be so rude as to invite me but them.  Come on, they love parties and cake.  How could they not be invited? When we going out to meet friends for drinks, they are puzzled by this certain place called a bar that serves drinks only adults can drink.  They can’t imagine us to have lives beyond their world, they don’t think we will have any fun without them. Double HA to them.  These days anyone with an email address and internet connection can have a life of their own.

They have a million questions about life after bedtime.  Is a bar like a secret club? How old were you when you first went to a bar? What kind of games do you do at your parties? Why can’t I drink an adult drink? When can I drink it?  Do you watch Adventure Time when we are sleeping? Do you have fun without us? Then come the awkward questions. Can’t we sleep in your room so we’re there when you come home from your date?  So what exactly do you and dad do when we are asleep? Why can’t I sleep in your bed? How come only husbands and wives can share beds?

Boys, trust me in a few years you would really rather not know.

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