Digital Kids

Kids these days are not only gadget savvy but they are quite the social media generation. On Facebook I am friends with some of my friends kids and even one friend of Gael’s who is 9. So far none of them are on twitter or have blogs so I save the cursing and R rated material for you lucky blog readers and twitter followers. It shouldn’t be long before the next generation start their own digital campaign to rule the world.

The earthlings do not have any social media accounts and I want to hold it off as long as possible. Gael had wanted a Facebook account last year because his friends play games there but he seems to have forgotten about it and I sure as hell am not the one going to remind him about it. When they were toddlers they always wanted to see their pictures on the digital camera viewers right after I took their picture. Now every time I take a picture of the boys they ask me if I am going to post it on Facebook or on my blog. I get cheers of YES! when I say I will and sheer disappointment when I tell them otherwise. Ah so naive, they are too young and self absorbed to understand that some things are just not social media worthy. On a three hour car ride over the weekend Aiden started sucking his toes out of sheer boredom. I quickly took a picture and announced I was going to post it online thinking he would die of embarrassment. Instead he yelled YEAH! You do that Mama! Some days they even want to check if anyone commented on their pictures.

So I guess I shouldn’t worry about them complaining of their pictures and anecdotes that I post on this blog at the moment.  I’m guessing that once they get online and realize that anything posted is open to the world’s scrutiny with chances of going viral, they surely will change their minds. They will probably ban me from sharing any slanderous stories, embarrassing comments and unfavorable photographs of theirs. I may have to send them drafts of status updates, tweets and blog posts for approval. They may even start their own blog. A blog about two boys having to live with a crazy mother that has blasted their lives to the blogosphere.  If they do, I hope they link to my questionable posts and give me some traffic.   It’s the least they can do.

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