Lessons In Safety

There have been these pictures going around Facebook of a man who attempted to kidnap a child at an arcade in one of the SM Malls.  While the mom was paying for groceries the child went to the arcade nearby with her yaya.  It totally freaked me out.  I usually do groceries at SM Hypermart and many, many times Aiden runs to get an ice cream or hangs in the kids area of the grocery with his yaya while I’m giving the Sy’s more money that they don’t really need paying.

I showed Aiden the pictures and explained to him how a child was almost kidnapped by the man in the picture.  I tell him that they were in the grocery just like us and the child was playing with his yaya while while the mom was paying just like us.  So I give him the lowdown of how it is crucial that he never speak to strangers.  Even if they say they know him from school or they know me or they are the living incarnation of Holy Trinity.  He should also never accept anything from anyone unless I say he can.  Even if it is a a whole pack of Oreos or new toy penguin or a gazillion bucks.  If he is approached by a persistent stranger he should scream as loud as he can until the stranger leaves.  He nods, nods and nods.  I decide to test him.

Me:  If you are in the mall and a man tells you he is my friend, do you talk to him?

Aiden: No!  I will go away.

Kidnappers – 0,  Guerreros – 1

Me:  If you are watching a movie in the kids area and a woman tells you that I am looking for you and she will bring you to me, will you go with her?

Aiden:  No, only you or yaya.

Kidnappers – 0, Guerreros – 2

Me:  What if you are in the arcade and a stranger tells you he will give you froyo with chocolate chip and marshamallow toppings, what do you do?

Aiden:  Yum! I love froyo with chocolate chop and marshmallow toppings!

Face palm!  I guess we’re going to have to start all over again.

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