School Break

The earthlings are on Christmas break and they are loving every minute of it.  They are making the most of all possible play, cartoon, activity time they can.  You’d think they spent the first half of the schoolyear writing a thesis.  You know those videos of the college girls and boys going wild, flashing their boobs and getting shitfaced drunk on spring break?  Well we’ve got the preschool edition going on over here.  Substitute the PG items with popcorn, chocolates, ice cream and Phineas and Ferb.

The past three mornings have been crazy noisy with the earthlings, their cousins and the neighbors playing police or fire fighter or superhero.  Whatever the game is Aiden is never in the title role, he is either the villainous bank robber or the boy caught in the fire with his chameleon.  I played fire fighter with them yesterday and had to save Aiden and his imaginary chameleon about half a dozen times before I finally got him to play something else.  They take turns playing in each others’ houses,  raid each home’s Christmas loot of cakes, cookies and candy.

Since every night now is not a school night they are taking full advantage.  Aside from bedtime evenings are usually uneventful for them.  But now their nights are exciting and they sure feel like they are taking a walk on the wild side.  They get to go out and play in the street and playground after dinner, we can read two books each at bedtime and they get to sleep past 9 pm.  They are so into their new decadent and wild night life even if after dinner playtime only lasts half an hour tops and they’re eyes are drooping by 8.

They remind me of my guy friends who felt so wild during the summer of 1986 they ended up singing Duran Duran’s Wild Boys in the street on their way home from the village park to one of their homes. With fist pumps in the air to show anyone and everyone that was looking they meant business.

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